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Vault Art Event!

Decorate your vault and get reward!
for more info visit server forum.

Posted On 11 April, 2014

Server Updates. 3/29/2014

Increased success rate in refining stone create.

Wings level 2 added in webshop for Credits & Gold Credits.

Added new soccer stadion ( Arena 51x119 )
In added stadion everyone can play at any time so have fun

Start Game Normally With Launcher To Have Client Update.

Posted On 29 March, 2014

Server Updates. 3/23/2014

Added 8 New Ancient Items..
Sadistik ( SM Eclipse Set 5 Parts )
Cataclismic ( BK Ashcrow Set 5 Parts )
Daedalus ( MG Hurricane Set 4 Parts )
Rarathien ( ELF Red Spirit Set 5 Parts )
Hioda ( SUM Black Rose Set 5 Parts )
Ragath ( DL Dark Master Set 5 Parts )
Wonjin ( BK Dark Phoenix Set 5 Parts )
Vognar ( BK Black Dragon Set 5 Parts )

Important Client & Server Security Update..
Warning: New Game Guard Will Ban Player For Any Kind Hack So Please Dont Even Try. :)
Start Game Normally With Launcher To Have Client Update.

Posted On 23 March, 2014

Server Updates. 3/21/2014

Added 11 Season 5 Ancient Items.
Anonymouss, Mists, Barnakes, Sylions, Berserkers, Clouds, Raves, Drakes, Kariss, Minets, Elvians

Important Client & Server Security Update

Start Game Normally With Launcher To Have Client Update.

Posted On 21 March, 2014

Server Updates 3/19/2014

Added Flame of Condor In drop system (condor drop In devil square)

Fixed soul master mana shield defense.

Added game masters server side...

WazzaP   Full GM
Wolf   GM On Test
SaWkA   Full GM
R3D3MPT1ON   Full GM

Posted On 19 March, 2014

Sunday 23 March 12:00 PM (Server Time) New Rules In Web Events.

Hide & Seek Event will have max 10 Images to check and Gold Credits reward for right answer will be increased to 500 Gold Credits.
Mathematica Event will have max 5 forms to complete and will be increased to 50 Gold Credits per right answer.

Each event each weak will be updated at sunday 12:00 PM Night (Server Time)

Stay up and be first who takes all golden credits!

Posted On 22 March, 2014

  Welcome To MercuryMu S4.2 Server!
Server has been opened 18.03.2014
Server Status: Opened
Experience: 5000 - 9999x

Drop Rate: 70 - 100%
Success Rate: 60 - 90%

Points Per Level: 15, 16, 17

Max Stats: 30,000

Bless Bug: ON

Max Level: 400

Elf Soldier Max Level: 300

Grand Reset System (100 Resets = 10,000 Credits)

Available 2 Website Events ( Hide & Seek, Mathematics Event )

Spots In All Maps For All Class Characters.
Website Game Panel Has 9 Great Character & Account Options.

Vote Reward System (450 Credits Every 12 Hours)
Castle Siege Event (Start Every Sunday)

Reset Reward System (100 Credits For Each Reset)

In Shops (Jewels, Excelent Items, Event Ticket, Quest Items, Box & Much More)

Dont Forget To Vote For Server While Waiting Because It Gives More Players And That Mean More FUN!.

Posted On 18 March, 2014

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